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Monday, September 29, 2014

Twins First Birthday

It was very easy to decide what type of Birthday Party to have for the boys.  Check out the pic below and you will know exactly what I mean.......

MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE!!  The boys have always loved this show since we first started letting them watch it.  They mostly love the songs on it, especially the Hot Dog Song!  I had a lot of fun planning, making decorations, party favors, and shopping for the party.  The boys were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Hawks come for their Birthday.  We had so much fun with them here with us.  

Mickey Cake Made by: NATE

THE LOCATION: My Friend AMBER was gracious enough to let us use her backyard for the party and it was perfect. We decided to do a bounce house since the boys aren't really old enough to play games.  They really liked the bounce house when there were only a few people in there.  The older kids loved it though!!

Kannin playing with the kids

                                      Titan and Jackie

OPENING PRESENTS:  The boys were not really into opening presents. They thought that climbing on them was great fun!!  We let all the kids that were there open the boys presents for them and they loved that.  They got some great toys and cute cute clothes.  Thanks for all the presents!!

EATING CAKE: We gave the boys each an ear of Mickey.  This was their first time eating cake so we weren't sure how they were going to do?  As you can see by the end of the cake pictures they loved every minute of it.  They both dove right in and never looked back!!

Titan starting out slow
Kannin Eyeing it up

K&T with Grandma & Grandpa Hawks

I can't believe my two little babies are one.  This year has flown bye from sleepless nights to rolling, crawling, giggles, and now walking.  I have loved every minute of having twin!! 
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Worth the Wait

So I realized that I hadn't ever posted this.  I think I was waiting to put more birth pictures on it then just forgot about it.  Now that they are one here's there birth story...haha.  I have been wanting to write this blog post for quite sometime now but life has been crazy as you can imagine.  Here is the story of the birth of our twin was a Saturday morning and Nate and I were just doing things around the house and getting ready to make a trip to the grocery store.  I was feeling pretty good.  As good as you can being 9 months pregnant with twins.  My water broke around 11am (and honestly I wasn't really sure if it was my water breaking).  I told Nate and he was like ok lets go to the hospital.  I was like no lets wait a little bit because maybe it wasn't my water breaking.  The hospital is a little over an hour from our house so I didn't want to go and have them just send us back home.  Anyway I ended up talking to my sisters and they convinced me that we should probably go to the hospital.  We got our things together and headed out the door.  The drive there seemed to go by fast and I was still feeling great.

We got to the hospital a little after 1 pm and the nurse that checked us in was the same nurse that I had with my ovarian torsion in February.  She was like wow you look so much better than the last time you were here (thought I was going to die the last time I checked into the hospital).  We told her the events of the morning and that I wasn't feeling any contractions.  She got me all hooked up to the machines, checked the babies heartbeats, and started monitoring contractions.  I told her I wasn't feeling any contractions but I guess I was having them about 2-3 minutes apart.  I was dilated to a 4. I said to the nurse, so you aren't going to send us home?  She was like no these babies are coming today.  I was relieved and a nervous at the same time!!  Mostly nervous because my doctor had left to go on vacation to Hawaii that morning.  I had told her a few weeks earlier that I was going to have them while she was gone and she insisted that I wouldn't.  Of course I go into labor the day she leaves.

The doctor that I had was also a woman. Her name was Dr. Tyburski. I hadn't ever met her and my first impression of her wasn't great.  She was very to the point and not super friendly.  As we discussed what was about to happen she told us that it was highly likely that I could have one normally and the second one would be a C section.  She said that C sections are definitely safer for twins.  I felt like she was trying to talk us into having a C section.  My Doctor (Dr. Williams) had said all along that we were shooting for a vaginal birth and that is definitely what I wanted.  My previous surgery had pretty much been just like a c section and I knew that was not something that I wanted to experience again.  After the doctor left I was feeling stressed, not knowing what we should do.  Nate was so confident and faithful and just said well we were planning on a regular delivery all along so lets just go for it.

Up to this point labor had been pain free.  Although I was having contractions I didn't feel them.  I knew that at some point I was going to be feeling them so I got an epidural before I was too far into it.  Getting the epidural was a little unpleasant but once I had it I was pretty relaxed.  After that we just played the waiting game.  We sat back and watched football and chatted.  BYU was playing Utah.  The nurse and doctors continued to check me to see how far along I was.  The day seemed to fly by and before I knew it, it was 10 pm. and I was dilated to a 9.  They told me it wouldn't be long before it was time to head to the OR.  I had to deliver in the OR in case they needed to do an emergency C section.  At 10:45 we headed to the OR.  There were many people involved in the delivery process...Dr. Tyburski , my nurse, a nurse for each of the babies, the pediatrician, the anesthesiologist, and 2 other nurses. Oh yeah and NATE!!

I began pushing at 10:55pm.  I'll admit it was pretty hard, even with the epidural. I felt a whole lot more than I wanted to.  All of the staff that was involved in the delivery were amazing.  They were all so encouraging and positive. Nate sat right next to my head because he did not want to see anything!!  He talked to me and rubbed my face and shoulder.  He was so supportive.  Baby A was born at 11:29 pm.  I was so so relieved when he was out. He had a good healthy cry and the nurse took him and began to check him out.  I remember hearing them say he weighed 5lbs 8oz, and 19 1/4 inches long.  After they checked and weighed him they brought him to Nate for him to hold.  This was a very special experience to see him hold him for the first time and it brought tears to both of our eyes.  Baby A was here and healthy but baby B was waiting to come still.  After I began pushing again it was about 5 more minutes and he was here.  He was much easier to get out than the first one.  Baby B was born at 10:40pm.  He weighed in at 5lbs 1oz, and 19 inches long.

After the delivery we headed back to our room and they brought the babies in soon thereafter.  I held Baby B first.  As I held him the tears flowed from my eyes.  He was so perfect and the most amazing thing was that he was ours.  As I held him I felt like he was our little KANNIN.  Soon I was holding both of our babies and I just couldn't believe that they were here.  I was instantly so so in love!!  There were really no words to describe how I felt in that moment. All of the years of heartache, wondering, crying, questioning, doctor visits, and sadness faded away in that moment as I held them both in my arms.  They were worth every bit of what we had been through and more!!

I got to feed the babies for the first time, then they took them to the nursery so we could sleep.  I couldn't sleep because I had too much adrenaline and I was just thinking about the babies.  They brought them back a few hours later to eat again and I was still in ahh as I held them again.  The next few days in the hospital went well.  I did not sleep a whole lot because I was feeding them every 3 hours and it was so hard to keep them awake while trying to feed them that it took forever.   The nurses that we had were amazing!! We really had a great experience in the hospital. 

We got to bring the babies home on Tuesday afternoon.  As we put them in their preemie outfits to take them home we were amazed at how small they were.  The preemie onesie was so loose on them.  Then when we put them in their car seats we were really really amazed at how small they were.  We arrived home safely and the adventure of twins began.  Hopefully there will be an update soon on how the last few months have gone but no guarantees.


Baby A- Titan Dean

Baby B- Kannin David

One week Old

Doing a little sunbathing