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Monday, September 29, 2014

Twins First Birthday

It was very easy to decide what type of Birthday Party to have for the boys.  Check out the pic below and you will know exactly what I mean.......

MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE!!  The boys have always loved this show since we first started letting them watch it.  They mostly love the songs on it, especially the Hot Dog Song!  I had a lot of fun planning, making decorations, party favors, and shopping for the party.  The boys were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Hawks come for their Birthday.  We had so much fun with them here with us.  

Mickey Cake Made by: NATE

THE LOCATION: My Friend AMBER was gracious enough to let us use her backyard for the party and it was perfect. We decided to do a bounce house since the boys aren't really old enough to play games.  They really liked the bounce house when there were only a few people in there.  The older kids loved it though!!

Kannin playing with the kids

                                      Titan and Jackie

OPENING PRESENTS:  The boys were not really into opening presents. They thought that climbing on them was great fun!!  We let all the kids that were there open the boys presents for them and they loved that.  They got some great toys and cute cute clothes.  Thanks for all the presents!!

EATING CAKE: We gave the boys each an ear of Mickey.  This was their first time eating cake so we weren't sure how they were going to do?  As you can see by the end of the cake pictures they loved every minute of it.  They both dove right in and never looked back!!

Titan starting out slow
Kannin Eyeing it up

K&T with Grandma & Grandpa Hawks

I can't believe my two little babies are one.  This year has flown bye from sleepless nights to rolling, crawling, giggles, and now walking.  I have loved every minute of having twin!! 


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